Bitlink Exchange: Your Gateway to Crypto - New User Incentives and More

Bitlink Exchange: Your Gateway to Crypto – New User Incentives and More

Take a step into the future of crypto trading by using Bitlink Exchange, established in Singapore and regulated through MAS in Singapore and MSB in the USA. Discover the potential of cutting-edge technology and join an international community.

Bitlink Exchange:

Bitlink is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange platform that is gaining attention with numerous advantages for both beginners and experienced investors.

Spot and Futures trading

Bitlink offers a diverse trading experience that includes both spot and futures trading. Spot trading allows you to buy and sell in the current market rate. Futures trading involves making predictions about future price changes.

Trading pairs

Bitlink offers a wide range of options for trading, such as cryptocurrency that is popular, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. This allows investors to manage their portfolios more quickly and profit from potential opportunities.

Fast transaction speed

BTC trading

The speed of transactions offered by Bitlink is unparalleled it allows customers to trade instantly as soon as an opportunity arises. This is crucial for the cryptocurrency market in which time is of the essence.

BTK Token

BTK is a key player within Bitlink’s ecosystem. It maximizes profits and also participates in management of the platform.

IDO opportunities and IEO Opportunities

Bitlink offers possibilities for investment in future projects through Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) as well as Initial Exchange Offerings (IEO) which offer an opportunity to work with new and promising projects on the platform.

Transparency and Trust

Through transparency and confidence, Bitlink operates as a centralized exchange. It eliminates risk of fraud as well as absence of transparency when it comes to transactions.

New User Incentive

Bitlink offers various incentives to new users. These include reward programs including Airdrops and other gifts after registering and depositing funds in the account.

GameFi Financial Services

Bitlink is more than an exchange platform for cryptocurrency. It also combines gaming with Decentralized Finance (DeFi) by introducing GameFi products. These financial products allow users to take part in new financial services as well as projects.

As a summary, Bitlink is an ideal choice for those looking to explore cryptocurrency trading, offering investment opportunities and efficient trading across the globe of cryptocurrency.

The Guide to Futures Trading using Bitlink

Transfer the funds you have in your spot account to your futures account to trade futures on Bitlink. Click “Account,” then “Spot Account,” and next, “Transfer.”

Choose the amount you want to transfer into the futures account and press “Confirm” to finish the process.

Select “USDS-M Futures” to access the web interface for futures contracts. The difference compared to spot trading isn’t significant, but it’s advisable to use the Trading View chart for visual observation and access to various help tools.

Pay attention to two crucial factors: leverage and margin. When the order is not a positive then the balance on the balance will be used. “Isolated” cut the order in case it is negative over the margin set by the customer.

Regarding leverage, be careful with leverage, using the maximum being x125 for Bitlink. Select the kind of margin you want, the trading pair, the type of order and leverage. After that, you can select the amount that you wish to exchange.

Note the proper use of leverage in managing risk, especially in highly volatile market conditions.

Then, pick the LONG or SHORT position according to your strategy for trading.